Croatia is a magical country that allows you to explore rich culture, preserved nature, and delicious cuisine. You can’t go to Croatia without visiting one of the stunning National Parks. Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park are two magnificent parks with incredible waterfalls, lush greenery all around you and a great choice for some adventure.

Of course, Dubrovnik Old Town is a must-see if you’re intrigued by history. The curtain of towering walls surrounds a concentration of marble streets and baroque buildings exuding a pearly light in the Adriatic sun – hence the name ‘The Peart of the Adriatic’.

No visit to the Dalmatian coast is complete without some quality time on the Adriatic Sea and what better way to do it then a private yacht to experience the hidden caves, beaches, and coves of Dalmatia’s most beautiful and pristine islands.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional cultural experience exploring late-century medieval cities, or island-hopping, Croatia has something for everyone.


Explore late-century medieval cities, island-hop on a private yacht, and try your hand at making a traditional meal.

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