While travel to many destinations is on hold right now, there are a few countries whose borders are open to Americans. Ksusha’s clients Vince and Lindsay K. had booked their trip to French Polynesia before the pandemic and were lucky to still make their Tahitian escape a reality. Read on about their safe experience traveling in times of Covid-19:

The trip was fantastic and went much easier than one would expect. The most difficult part about the trip was getting the covid test done within the 72 hours prior to travel. There’s no guarantee that the results will be back in time. Fortunately we received our results the morning of our flight. We took a second test, self-administered, while we were in Moorea and simply handed it to the front desk. Was pretty straightforward.

Although there are sanitary precautions certainly at the airports and with transfers, in my opinion traveling is easier right now simply due to the lack of people at the airports. Security and check-in are swift! Customs was easy. We had to wear masks the whole time during travel, but that really wasn’t a problem. Both the Intercontinental in Tahiti and Sofitel in Moorea are working out the kinks I believe. They were understaffed and things took quite a while…such as service at restaurants. Sofitel Moorea is beautiful though, and the overwater bungalow was perfect! We toured around the island and overall loved Moorea.

I’ve saved the best for last though. Ninamu Resort in Tikehau is a dream! It is otherworldly fantastic! Unlike well-traveled Bora Bora and Moorea, it is pristine! When advising clients, you might want to mention to them that it is not a Ritz-Carlton or Four seasons. Probably more along the lines of rustic luxury.

They serve three meals a day which were all great, but there is no menu. Picky eaters would not be fond of that, I would imagine. We interacted daily with the owner of the island who personally took us on excursions, which were phenomenal! I spearfished for the first time and loved it!

Ninamu is a very small off-the-grid type place, at max capacity I believe they would have 20 people on the island. We generally had between 6 and 8 due to the Covid situation. There was one day when we were the only clients on the island and were outnumbered by staff 10-2. For those interested in getting off the grid, adventure travel, and the most beautiful setting imaginable, Ninamu is it!!

One other thing possibly worth mentioning, which I believe is actually good thing as it speaks to the health of the lagoon, but there are sharks everywhere. They are harmless reef sharks, but if someone has a problem with them, this would not be the best place.

We plan on going back to Ninamu soon and maybe add a second island, yet to be determined. I’ve traveled to many places all over the world and quite simply, Ninamu Tikehau is the best place I’ve ever been!

For those willing, travel right now is easier and cheaper. It’s too bad that many people are living in fear!

-Vince K.

All photos courtesy of Vince and Lindsay K. 

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