The Arctic’s scenic enormity has long charmed its visitors. Magnificently large glaciers, towering seaside cliffs, and the Aurora Borealis that sways above your head at night all provide a sense of humble insignificance in the vast wilderness that surrounds us. Every habitat in the world hosts a creature that considers it their home. Encounter creatures that range from beluga whales to polar bears, to reindeer and walruses. When it comes to the North Atlantic, the best word to describe it is “enigmatic”.

In this video by our partners at Quark Expeditions, you can get an idea of what it is like to visit earth’s northernmost region. The ability to take in the pure air, emptiness, and tranquillity of such an otherworldly place will send you home feeling refreshed, motivated and privileged. Enjoy these next 30 seconds of inspiration for your next trip to the Arctic!



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