Spain – A Place of Passion

If there is one word that can embody Spain, it is passion. It oozes from the ancient chalky beige buildings, hangs heavy in the air with the scent of wine, and can even be seen in the particular way the people walk, hips leading. Their passion will seduce and embrace you with the sway of a flamenco dance and a rich rioja in hand as the fast pace of life dissipates in the fairytale-like cities. 

Northern Spain will grace you with breathtaking, dramatic cliffy coasts and rugged mountains. It is the home of unique cultures and traditions from the Celtic Galicians to the mysterious Basques. Beyond the scenery, the culinary riches will fill your stomach and soul as you take in the fresh and flavorful seafood harvested from the cold waters. Visit the stunning coasts of Galicia, and the colorful fishing ports of Basque Country. Enjoy the infinite views of Cantabria, and relax on the various beautiful beaches of Asturias; the north is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
If you are looking to slow things down even further, take your time and wind down in the South. The scent of orange blossoms and wine waft down the streets, and you can take full advantage of siesta time to lounge on the many azure Mediterranean beaches or indulge in a café con leche in the colorful city of Barcelona. Jerez and Salamanca are like an antique painted canvas; horses prance down the streets with flowers braided in their manes, the flash of red gleams off a matador, and the swish of a flamenco dress weaves a story as the rhythm of the cities seep passion. Wherever you venture in Andalucia, memories will linger.

Everything about Spain is an embrace. It is slow and passionate; visiting it will invigorate your mind and ensnare the senses. You will find a version of yourself that you will carry long after you get home and see the world in a new, passionate light. 

by: Linda Werner

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