Colorful rainforests, towering volcanos, and miles of beaches all come together to form the Central American country of Costa Rica. As a country known for its captivating beauty and peaceful culture, travelers come from around the world to connect with unspoiled nature and even seek some thrilling adventure! 

This video, courtesy of Essential Costa Rica, gives you a peek into some of the visual highlights of the country that words cannot describe. In a land that seems like it was built for adventure, it is a top destination for hikers, climbers, zipliners, surfers, and wellness enthusiasts alike! Costa Rica may be a small country, but it makes up 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. Preserved by responsible ecotourism, the country’s expansive life will thrive for years to come! 


Get inspired to step away from your day to day, and embrace a world that is only a flight away! Our travel consultant Rebecca knows the best spots in Costa Rica. Connect with her today to start creating your perfect trip.

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Christine at Esplanade Travel planned our recent trip which found us traveling to four very different and fascinating regions in Chile. The trip was absolutely beautiful, memorable and so suited to our specific interests! We have had the pleasure of working multiple times with travel consultants at Esplanade Travel and they continue to amaze us with the itineraries they develop and their close working contacts in other countries that always result in worry-free travel for us. We tend to stay in multiple areas with multiple connections and with the expertise in planning at Esplanade all of our reservations, contacts, pick-ups and drop-offs occur seamlessly. Our travels started in Santiago before heading south to the Lakes District, further south to Torres del Paine in Patagonia, then west to Easter Island. All of the lodges we stayed in were so comfortable with gorgeous views, the guides were super knowledgeable about the cultural and natural history of every location we visited, and the food was fantastic! On Easter Island our native guide, Sabrina, was able to provide us with her intimate knowledge, passed down to her from her ancestors, of the history and culture of the Rapa Nui people. I highly recommend Esplanade Travel to everyone, and I guarantee we will be contacting them to assist us with our next great adventure!

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