Testimonial: South Africa Trip

Being one of our top destinations, we love planning trips to Africa. Even more than that, we love planning peoples’ second trips to Africa! Heather had gone on one of Jill’s previous trips to South Africa, and traveled again with her this August. Here is what Heather had to say about her trip:

In August, I traveled back to South Africa for the second time. My first trip in 2012 was amazing and I hoped this trip would not disappoint. Jill arranged our first stay at Idube, where we were greeted with nyala, warthogs, and elephants and we hadn’t even been on safari yet! Rob the ranger with his low-key approach to the bush and wildlife found the Big Five for us, but also spent time with a mother hyena and cubs, followed a lioness and her cubs only to watch her hunt later, and had many close encounters with the ellies. The only animal I dared to wish to see this trip was a cheetah and was ecstatic to not only see one, but follow it through the bush. I enjoyed watching from the blind a warthog taking mud bath as well.

Our next stop was Tanda Tula which was the only camp I had been to before. I love the family atmosphere, Chef Ryan, [ranger] Forman, bush walks, bush breakfasts, and the obvious love and respect they all have for the animals and their habitats. So many memories, but my favorites are having sundowners with a couple of young hyenas and coffee with a pack of wild dogs. You always feel special when staying at Tanda Tula.

We finished our trip at Kapama Buffalo Camp, which was the most luxurious tented camp. Jeffrey our ranger took us on some wild rides to view the animals. I loved following the leopard to watch it use a tree for a scratching post, seeing another cheetah, and searching for a pride of lions. We saw many hippos, giraffes necking, and many of the Little Five – elephant shrew, buffalo weaver, leopard tortoise, lion ant and rhino beetle – Jeffrey has a great sense of humor.

Esplanade has given me not one trip of a lifetime, but two. It is difficult to put into words just how much I enjoyed both trips. South Africa is beautiful, the animals majestic and never predictable, and the people are very gracious.

-Heather W

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Our recent visit to Australia was absolutely outstanding! Visiting four very different areas of the country, with a combination of driving and hiking on our own as well as guided hikes and tours, provided us with an outstanding look into the diversity of this country. Esplanade once again created an itinerary that was perfectly suited to our particular interests which are heavily weighted on exploring the natural world. We look forward to working with Esplanade Travel on our future adventures!

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