River Cruise Through the Rainforest

This ancient region of dense rainforest is over 100 million years old – perhaps the oldest in the world. Surprises linger around every bend of this long, winding river with thousands of tributaries. Travelers in this region could encounter a poison-dart frog, a hidden jaguar up in the leaves, or an anaconda snake. Endangered and undiscovered species and plants find refuge along this river, which is the second-longest in the world. Have you guessed the locale? It’s the one and only Amazon River and Basin, stretching from Peru through Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

The Amazon has long held the imaginations of intrepid explorers throughout history. But for those of us who are less “Francisco de Orellana” (who was the first to navigate the entire length of the Amazon) and more “21st Century,” there’s a perfect option – a cruise along the river, where all the comforts of vacation combine with the intrigue of the rainforest.

The Amazon Discovery offers an intimate look at the Amazonian region in Peru. With just 22 suites on board, all with panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows, travelers can soak in the world’s most important waterway without disruption. During the day, excursions on smaller skiffs are offered, along with daily enrichment and nightly entertainment.

Adventures on-board include a visit to Monkey Island, the Native Boras Community for a ceremonial dance demonstration, hiking along the Yarapa River Shore, piranha fishing, bottle-feeding endangered manatees, and a farewell dinner at Iquitos’ famous floating Al Frio y Fuego Restaurant.

This cruise can be combined with a longer stay in Peru – but guests may find this intriguing part of the world to be more than enough to captivate the mind.

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