Exciting archeological discovery – a Tomb from the Era of Alexander the Great Found in Northern Greece

A recent find in Greece has captivated the attention of the entire country – an exquisite tomb dating from the time of Alexander the Great has been found in the ancient city of Amphipolis, near the modern city of Thessaloniki, and it is so important that it is has two police guarding it 24 hours a day!

The size of this tomb alone means that someone important must be inside. The wall surrounding the tomb is 1,600 feet long which makes it bigger than the burial site for Alexander’s father, Philip II. The sheer size of this tomb has sparked many into speculating who could be buried inside this 4th century BCE complex. Anyone who has a tomb bigger than one of the most notable kings of ancient history must be very important!

One of the most noteworthy features of the tomb are the two 7 foot high caryatids that are in incredible condition. These caryatids are the same size as the famous caryatids from the Erechtheion from Athen’s Acropolis and have the potential to be just as glorious.

Right now, no visitors are allowed on the site but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on – some people speculate that it is Alexander’s mother Olympia inside while others think it is the great man himself! Click here to read more about the find.

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