Client Testimonial: On the Ice in Greenland

It’s always exciting when we get requests for travel to destinations that are truly off the beaten path. Greenland is one such place – proven by the fact that all domestic travel is done by plane, as there are virtually no roads between cities!

Linda and Paul traveled to Greenland and Iceland in September and reached out to us after they returned with more details and some beautiful photos: 

The trip was perfect and we had a wonderful time. All of your plans were great. Paul said you hit the mark perfect. As always I could have stayed another day – I always say that!

Greenland is something else. Paul called it “raw beautiful” and I guess that’s the best description. There are no trees. Lots of rock and icebergs. The Ice Camp was quite a challenge but really beautiful. I climbed 200 meters which was something for me. The kayaking in the icebergs was something else, too. I loved it!!! It was so beautiful. Everyone should do it.

The guides were great and stayed with me all the time and took good care of me. I would recommend them highly. Oh, I loved the Kodiak boats too. Best way to get around the icebergs.

Iceland was totally different and sooo beautiful. All the places we stayed were great. The food was so good every place too. We did have a couple days of rain and fog, but that didn’t stop us. I could go on for ever about Iceland. This trip is right up there with our New Zealand trip.

I wanted to say Thank You again for the great job you did. I always felt “taken care of” with everything we did. Paul was very pleased with everything and said “Great Job” to you. When we figure out our next adventure I will be in touch!

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