Recently, the lovely Kent family took a trip with Esplanade to South Africa. They came away with much more than memorable experiences – their 12-year-old son, Gabe, took a photo that ended up winning an award! The below picture taken by Gabe won an honorary mention at the Duxbury Art Association‘s Winter Juried Art Show.

As Gabe recalls in Life on the Baya Duxbury, MA, magazine:

I took the picture while at Jabulani Safari, which is in the Kapama Private Game Reserve. … When we went on our afternoon game drive, our ranger, Dean, took us to a beautiful spot with chairs set up in an open area right across from a watering hole. … During sunset, the Jabulani herd of elephants walked by with their human trainers.

I got down on my stomach and put the very tip of my iPhone in the water to take pictures of the elephants with their reflections on the water. It was amazing to watch them. At the end I was scrolling through my pictures, and I see this super cool picture with a dragonfly perfectly in the middle with a perfect reflection.

In addition, Gabe is the youngest artist ever to be included in the DAA’s art show. Congratulations to Gabe for his amazing photographic accomplishment!

Jabulani is a very unique camp experience, as they have a resident elephant herd of at-risk elephants that they have rehabilitated. The herd is so happy and stress-free that they have had offspring and the herd continues to grow in this safe yet still wild environment. Esplanade highly recommends adding Jabulani to your bucket list!

Thank you to Gabe Kent and Camp Jabulani for the photos in this post.

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