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The modern nation of Turkey bridges two major continents and this has led to the country’s unique identity. As a gateway between Europe and Asia, the area has seen human activity for over 40,000 years which has created a melting pot culture. Great historical events have played out in the Turkish landscape that has shaped the course of the Western world, such as the Battle of Granicus in 334BC which allowed Alexander the Great to extend his reign beyond mainland Greece. With its beautiful shores on both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Turkey is a natural beach resort destination. No matter where you go in Turkey, you will find rich food, friendly people and plenty of local markets where you can haggle over intricate Turkish rugs and remarkable mother of pearl boxes. For your first trip to Turkey, make sure to stop in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus – if you have time, perhaps you could also cruise the Turkish coast from Bodrum to Antalya or visit the ruins of Troy!

Photo for Cappadocia & Central Turkey
Cappadocia & Central Turkey
Photo for Istanbul
Photo for Izmir, Ephesus & Troy
Izmir, Ephesus & Troy

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