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South America has stunning natural beauty, incredible contrasting landscapes and rich cultural heritage! Boasting superlatives such as the longest mountain chain in the world, the world’s highest waterfall, the largest rainforest, the greatest river system, the world’s driest desert, and the world’s largest wetland, it is one of the most diverse regions in the world.

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Dear Kit, The trip to Bay of Many Coves could not have been more perfect for us. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I was trying to accomplish. I found being able to talk to you and to have you be knowledgeable about the area to be of great help. Thank you so very much for this experience. If we ever venture to this part of the world again, I will ask you to help us again. I hope our future travel experience are like this…I am afraid you and your group spoiled us! The phrase we learned in New Zealand is appropriate here: Good on you!

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