Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has much more to offer than you would imagine at first glance. Not just an island off the coast of India, it has its own unique landscapes, activities, culture, and culinary delights. Now is even the perfect time to visit, before the tourism boom has truly hit the country.
In the Cultural Triangle, explore the ancient cities and temples of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa and see the massive herds of elephants in Kaudalla or Minneriya National Park. Also not to be missed is Sigiriya, a feat of ancient urban engineering and planning.
Pack a jacket and head into tea country – a mountainous region filled with tea plantations. Make sure to go on safari in Yala National Park with a pair of binoculars in hopes of seeing the elusive but elegant leopard. The beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean are the perfect way to close out an epic adventure in this country that offers something for everyone.

Sri Lanka

Discover ancient cities in the Cultural Triangle, visit tea country plantations, go on safari in Yala National Park to see leopards and relax on a beautiful Indian Ocean beach

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