Namibia is a totally unique destination of vast stretches of sand with the most magical vistas imaginable. You need time to move around this diverse country and light aircraft connects you from the Skeleton Coast where the Namib, the oldest desert on the planet, lies along the Atlantic Ocean to the Kalahari in the Eastern interior. Walvis Bay is your place for desert sports, and Etosha National Park is where you will find the endangered black rhino along with many other species of animals and, surprisingly, this harsh land has a very high cheetah population. Accommodation in Namibia ranges from elegant to classic camps along with some of the most remote and intimate lodges. The sand dunes of the Sossusvlei, believed to be the highest in the world, are where you should be close to sunset or sunrise for photo opportunities of dramatically changing colors. The Serra Cafema, an incredibly remote region, is home to the Himba settlement, some of the last nomadic people of Africa. Namibia is a standalone destination or, time permitting, you can combine it with other Southern Africa countries.


Climb the highest sand dunes in the world, fly over the Namib and the Kalahari deserts, and see black rhinos and cheetahs in Etosha National Park

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