Greenland may not be a travel destination you’ve thought of before, but it’s definitely worth considering. From the epic mountain scenery to quaint, colorful villages, Greenland is a unique destination that doesn’t fail to impress.

Getting to Greenland is either through Reykjavik or Copenhagen. Once in-country, flights are also required to get between villages, as there aren’t any roads throughout the country to travel from place to place!

The best way to explore this country is with a trekking adventure. Accompanied by an expertly trained guide, visit not only various villages, but also camp out on a glacier, go ice trekking, and kayak amongst the icebergs. Each night you’ll stay in a state-of-the-art tent and have meals cooked over an open fire, reminiscing of the day’s adventure in one of the most remote locations on Earth.

Before tucking into bed for the evening each night, glance up – you might see the famous Northern Lights.

Not everyone thinks of a land of ice and stark landscapes when planning a vacation, but we promise Greenland will not disappoint.


From the epic mountain scenery to quaint, colorful villages, Greenland is a unique destination that doesn't fail to impress.

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