Linda Werner

Travel Consultant

Linda learned to travel at a young age. She would be placed in the car without question and taken wherever her family went. It was fun, but she never knew how travel would enhance her life at the age of eight. The sand and ocean salt of Mexico clinging to her show-and-tell were just funny at the time and a chance to make the other kids jealous. However, those trips created a passion within her, and every chance she got, she was on a plane, whether with her family or a People to People leadership group. Those trips embedded a love for Europe as she explored more countries than her small town could count. When old enough, she set out alone, traveling Europe on her own and meeting friends that would last a lifetime. Each step was a lesson, and she learned more about herself and whom she wanted to be. Travel, although corny as it might sound, saved her life. It is now an honor to help others discover themselves and a small part of this vast world because you never know what travel will give you until you go.

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I love to travel because it feels like the world embraces you as you embrace the world.  

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We traveled to New Zealand this year for a great adventure exploring the country. This trip was 4 years in the making due to the Covid pandemic. We booked in 2019 with Esplanade and they planned a fantastic trip. The Esplanade team worked with us seamlessly over the years as we booked and Covid cancelled our trip at least 3 times. When we finally were able to travel in 2023, they had everything perfect. We were really expecting a lot of confusion due to the multiple bookings and cancellations, but Esplanade had everything perfect at every turn. The accommodations, excursions, transfers, etc. were all planned even better than we could have imagined. We highly recommend Esplanade Travel and will be using them again on our next adventure.

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