Jill Potash

Director, Africa Department

Keeping it all in the family, Jill has been working with her sister, Jacky, since the early 1980s. Starting out in marketing, Jill has managed the Africa Department for more than 20 years. She and her husband travel to South Africa regularly and will be escorting a small group in 2020. Jill is often heard telling her clients, “You will not go to Africa just once” – and it usually proves to be true.

Growing up in England, traveling around Europe was easy – in fact her first travel memory is flying alone across the channel to Paris at the age of 15. From skiing in Chamonix and Zermatt to barging in France, Jill was introduced to other cultures early in life. She also enjoys cruising, whether it’s on the Zambezi, Spice Islands of Indonesia, Tahiti and the South Pacific, or the West Indies. Being on the water is always relaxing and a wonderful way to see sites often difficult to access by land.

Photos of Jill around the world

Why Jill Loves Working at Esplanade

“I am blessed to have the best colleagues. We are all so different and bring totally different ideas to our common goal – which is to insure our clients have the most memorable travel experience. Because we are enthusiastic about our areas of expertise I believe this is contagious when planning an itinerary – and it means so much when a client returns and says everything was just perfect.”

Favorite photos taken by Jill

Jill is an absolute expert in southern Africa and has had a multitude of experiences in the region. One of her most rewarding travel moments was visiting a school in Zimbabwe, donating supplies, and singing and dancing with the children and teachers.

Jill will use her personal travel philosophy as she works with you on the perfect Africa vacation: To learn about and interact with as many cultures as possible.

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